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Very nicely done - I recall several scenarios almost exactly like that one. Finding caches was our bread and butter at one point. It’s too bad I never was able to convince any of the big hitters to actually do a Tacoma and not a Hilux, but as Rumsfeld told an irate mom - you go to battle with what you have, not what you wish you had, or something to that effect. Same in modelling - the Hilux is as close as you’ll come to an SF gun truck. Looks nicely filled with gear.
One small thing we learned early is that the roof was not the ideal spot for the X wing, for obvious reasons. By 2004 I’m pretty certain they would have all been moved to the hood, as in this photo from 2002/2003.

We did indeed use Hiluxes, even that color, but they were for the Afghan Militia Force that we hired and took on missions with us. Truth be told the solid axle suspension of the Hilux was better for that terrain but we preferred the Tacomas for their robust A/C and kick ass stereo system. Imagine attacking the town of Sharona with My Sharona from the Knack blaring through the speakers. Yes, it indeed happened.
Here’s a Hilux but without the gun mount. If the Jundis did mount them later on they’d have used PK’s or PKM’s.

Black Beauty (the other truck is Goldilocks) also had the X wing mounted on the hood.

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Excellent job all around. Vehicle. Figs and groundwork all look great. Makes me want that SUV now !!

Very nicely done; the 18Bravo Seal of Approval is a great sign. Is the kid in the white carrying a cardboard AK?