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Brand new from IBG Models in 1/35, coming this autumn, Panzer II a1/a2/a3 and b.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/ibg-panzer-ii

That covers about the first 100 production vehicles and would knock two off the remaining seven Pz II common variations seen in action or testing that I need to collect the whole set.

This seems to represent a vehicle used in the Polish campaign but I didn’t think notek lights were in use then. Perhaps I am wrong?

The Notek Light was available in 39 from what I know, but most German Vehicles did not have them. I don’t recall a photo of one vehicle with it. The markings are of a Panzer 2 in the Polish campaign, Perhaps the kit includes the Polish campaign and the French campaign and the builder just used all parts. The C version was used in both fronts. Good catch by the way, because pretty much all German vehicles after 39 had them.

Thanks Mike, interesting!

Wow – nearly missed this post. Been waiting for this to be kitted in 1/35 plastic. Cheers