Icm a-26b w.i.p

Here’s my ICM A-26B-15. Some fit issues, many operator-induced issues. Overall a really nice kit for those who happen to be competent. Nice kit for me too


The metal finish on this aircraft really looks good,what did you use?

Many thanks. I used Vallejo’s new (at least to me) metallic line. If used correctly, it really is fantastic stuff with a great finish. Recommend watching some videos on Youtube before you use it as they have some great tips

THANKS for the info on the Vallejo metallics…will have to check it out.

I find the metallics shoot very well out of my Iwata, but they’re gloss black primer can give you some issues. Might want to shoot that with a larger needle.

Thanks for the tip on the black primer.

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Very well done, the metal finish looks great!

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plus 1 on the metal finish . I have used Vallejo Metal Color myself and it gives nice results but it seems to have a shelf life .

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Good to know, especially since their bottles aren’t small. Hate to see it go to waste…guess I’ll have to do more NMF finishes. Many thanks!