IDF Air Defenses

I remember reading that the IDF sent its worst soldiers into the air defense units in the past, and presumably still do. Anyone know more?

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Never happened…
The air defense units are not filled with misfits .
Where did you find this information?

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I think it is the opposite. So many rocket are fired over Israel’s they would need their A Team on that position to survive.

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The physical requirements are less strict than those of say in infantry units. Nevertheless, air defense soldiers have other qualities and skills that are much more relevant to their duties as operators of sophisticated systems.


The Osprey book on the IDF since 1973.

I’ve known guys from air defense units that served from 1956 till today’s generation . And the old timers were rowdy fighters when needed. Cause they get infantry training . Today’s are more gamer type then anything.

But the worst?
The Golani brigade was a unit o people that were considered undesirables by the higher ups. Kinda racist . But the Golani brigade rose to become one of the best infantry units in the known world.

There also was a draft period where the real problem children were May. Geaus Mao Mao
But those days are long gone…