IDF TOW M151A2 Questions

I’m building a Tamiya TOW Jeep, and looking at converting it into IDF configuration as during the 1982 Lebanon War. From photos I see that there are at least two variations, but I’m not finding any good all around shots. I know that Legends makes a conversion set to do the more extensive changes, but I’m a bit more intrigued by the one that is closer in appearance to the US version. Can anybody point me to more reference photos? hopefully for the less modified type…

more altered variant

less altered variant


Hi, I can´t comment on whether there are other differences between these two versions than the position of the spare wheel, but years ago I built the IDF tow version and collected quite some reference material. Unfortunately printed version only, but I´ll be happy to share what I have. PM me if interested.

Oh I’m definitely interested! PM inbound.

Hi, I am very sorry I didn´t send the photos I promised. It´s not that I forgot, but I just can´t find it. I thought it was in a box in a cellar, but seems it´s not. Keep looking and when lucky I share them. Thank you for your understanding. Best

Thanks for looking. I know how photos can move from where they were last remembered to be located… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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