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Royal Model released a set of IDF helmets in 1/35 scale. The kit includes resin helmets and PE microphones.

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What is the time period for these helmets?

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Lebanon War 1982 onwards.

1982 till about 2010 then the new type of helmets came into service.

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In 82 some units were still being issued stuff from the 60- and 70’s I had a flak vest that was USMC surplus with a best used by date of 1974 and or battery’s comms helmets were old US army and USMC we didn’t see new gear until 84

Countless of opportunities for figure modellers I guess? I bought receently AFV Clubs Puma kit with mine rollers and carpet. Is there a dozerblade for Puma available?

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Not sure if there is… sorry

Then it would be a job for Legend Productions.

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Don’t expect good instructions :joy:

I am familiar with Legend kits. I provided some informations a while ago.

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