If anyone's listening, I'd like this in 1/35, please

8th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 2nd ABCT, BreachMaster Company, exercised the new Joint Assault Bridge during Doctrine and Tactics Training on Fort Hood.

Thanks to Snafu for the image…


Many of us would …

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Robin, you have far too much in your stash to even contemplate getting one if it’s made…:wink:


A great alternative…


Even if it is HobbyBoss … :wink:

Agreed, but it does increase the likelihood of other companies releasing the vehicle in kit form, too. Maybe even the A1 variant.

Ahh yes … but we have to buy the HB version first to show the others that it sells like crazy …
:wink: :grin:

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Is this recent?

If you mean the M1074 Joint Assault Bridge System (JABS), yes. It is currently in testing and will soon replace the venerable M60 AVLB.

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Walk around and measurements already done at Ft. Hood. Might even be of the same vehicle.

Didn’t Gino scratch one of these? That’s the surest way I know to get one from a manufacturer.

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While we’d all like to think that were the case, what about the FAASV that I and at least two others have scratchbuilt? Or the M1 240mm Howitzer I scratchbuilt and posted photos of on the old forum?

Sadly, the best way still requires a little work more on our parts - measurements, photos, and in some instances profiles to get those pesky compound curves right.

(Currently trying to get us the JLTV in plastic. Not fighting for this one yet as it doesn’t hold that much interest for me.)

Now this does interest me:

Currently pimping the photos and measurements out to the usual suspects, but not holding my breath.


Any chance of posting some pics of it here @18bravo ? I for one love seeing people’s scratch builds… Even making a new thread purely for final images of scratch builds so that others could add to… ?

The M1 was a commission build that I did about fifteen(?) years ago. I wasn’t much into photographing my own stuff back then, but there are some shots of it in a thread that had “Artillery Quiz” in the title if you want to look them up.

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Close, I did an M60 ALVB using the Dragon M48 AVLB parts and a Takom M60 (CM-11) hull. Of course, shortly afterwards, Dragon released their M60 AVLB kit.

I agree we need either a kit of one or a conversion kit.

I have wanted to build the resin Perfect Scale kit, but obviously…injected would be cheaper and my choice. I’d rather have one produced by Meng however. Is there any release of this known?