If you are looking for recent content added to Armorama

Er… Well, I just obviously didn’t understand it, and you have the data, so I’m sure you are right. Looking back to the top, I’m not really sure I understand what the whole thread was about.

I do sometimes feel like stuff moves around and gets hidden and filtered without me really understanding why. That however is how lots of things are these days. Like trying to actually work out exactly what movies are on Netflix.



Thank you for the work you have done to move forward and change the Website Layout.


If I recall correctly, the old main page had content one the left and a view of latest posts on the right. So all in one. I like the capabilities of the new forums but yes it’s easy to skip over the content. Especially if you are thick like me and just noticed the Content Discussion Forums which I wish had classifications for Modern, etc.

I must admit I do not understand your logic. But apparently I never have.
Why you would put new discussion information concerning Armorama in another location entirely mixed with all other new discussion topics??

Being in advertising and media I understand you trying to cross pollinate all the other subject areas. However as a user of this site I certainly do not want to wade through posts on planes and ships, cars, etc. to get to the heart of what I am looking for. I certainly am aware those other topics exist and if I want them I know how to find them.


p.s. I think you arbitrary limitation that someone can only makes 3 consecutive posts on a thread before being temporarily blocked is somewhat stupid and downright insulting.
If I have 15 photos to add I will never add more more than 3-4 images to a single post to avoid the possibility of server malfunction, or over overloading the maximum file size, or to simply make each individual post quicker and easier for the viewer to download.
So your auto-block after 3 consecutive posts in a thread is foolish, unnecessary and IMHO unreasonable.

Well it’s such a huge problem that A.) I have no idea what you are referring to, and B.) You are the first to even bring it up.

So apparently you don’t know how the site YOU created works???

I’ve only been back less than 24 hours and I am already pissed off again at the new site architecture. Of course you will blame that on my personality rather than on that which you have created.

(Clearly I must have tried to post more than 3 consecutive additions to a given thread (the recent FAMO thread) and gotten blocked for my efforts. I instead received a pop-up stating the no more than 3 were allowed and to please wait until someone else posted something.)

If you are going to try and display new posts for ALL the various topic sites on one page then you need to bring back the color coding and the neat little SQUARE subject icons in the far left hand column that define which topic the post refers to; Armor, Ships, Planes, Cars, etc.

If there is a setting in Discourse that blocks someone from replying more than 3 times in succession quickly it’s there to block spammers. There is no reason for doing what you are doing. Just put all the images in one post and be done. This is an Enterprise level Amazon instance with plenty of power to do what you are requiring. Heck people are uploading 10+ high res images (2+Mb) at one time and you are doing small to medium (300kb) images.

Also you may have missed it but I posted a topic about ways to exclude or mute specific forums/categories that you aren’t interested in. KitMaker Discourse Tutorials


Yup. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Why can’t you just edit your last reply and add the images? You see why this kind of stuff comes up right? You seem to want it your way or no way. There are plenty of things on this forum that I would love to change, but I can’t. So I have to figure out how to do them within the scope of the software. Sort of like buying a model and wanting it to have an interior. If it doesn’t have one, you’ll need to adapt.


“Ways to add topics/ways to exclude topics”, Should be simply intuitive on a public website such as this - they really should not require a tutorial.
People need to quickly be able to see and find that information in which they have an interest.


For some people… who aren’t ancient like us, the ‘bell’ icon is an intuitive way to clue a user into this feature. It’s used on many ‘hip’ sites that the younger folks use.

You are a human being for god’s sake. Adapt.


Read and be enlightened:

Very brief summary: Some kind of setting somewhere

More here:


Hi Mike, I agree with you that there are still issues with this new site, but in Jim’s defence the software is an existing product with a little customisation, unlike the old site that was largely Jim’s coding. This means there are things Jim has no control over, and others he may not have even encountered yet. That three-post limit is one of them, clearly designed to keep spam-bots from flooding forums with ad-rubbish. Since we can’t change it we need to work around it by just doing one post with all the images rather than three separate posts with a few pics each. This new forum swallows big pictures in a way we could only dream of on the old site! Bear in mind it is still early days, and Jim has a ton of work to do fine-tuning to give us the best user experience. I expect we’ll have turbulence for a few months to come…