I'm having to go on a diet

Covid is causing issues to my normal way of life. Teaching from home on my work bench has drastically reduced my physical activity and my pounds per cubic inch is increasing. Because I am at the bench about 9 hours a day, I don’t build much (need a break from the bench) and that is causing another problem. My kit purchases like my calorie intake has remained the same as before Covid and like my waist line my stash is suddenly growing at an alarming rate. I am starting to contemplate having to do something I never contemplating before reducing my intake of kits… :confused:


in the old days this type of heresy used to punished by the afore mentioned heretic being burnt at the stake but these are different times and I don’t think you are alone in your current situation

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Well with food insecurity and panic buying, adding a little reserve waistline is a wise move these days. And with all the shipping problems from China and Japan, there are serious model and aftermarket shortages, so acquiring a sufficient pre-supply is a sound investment. Both seriously subliminally intelligent maneuvers, I say.

Just make sure that you buy one roll of TP for every two kits you buy, in case there is a sudden shortage of TP again …

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Greg, I hear ya brother t. That is pretty much my existence too. My winter bench i. e. In the house has become my teaching desk. Same issue with needing a break from the space, and purchase speed hasn’t slowed down to reflect available time… Oh joy. Well Christmas is coming so no chance of a diet before 1st Jan!

Just get one of those “under desk ellepticals!” You can build kits and work out at the same time!!!

You have a great bench but have you tried building elsewhere and building out of the box or old drawer on say the kitchen table? I am not talking make the kit OOB build just that you keep the parts in the box at a different location. You stack up builds for the paint barn when you have more free time during a holiday break but the build rate can progress.

Before fostering animals, I used to sit in the living room and build out of a box and watch tv with the wife. Many wins, I got to build and I didn’t care what she wanted to watch cause I had a distraction. Now we spend an hour clicking through everything to decide on nothing, oh well first world problems.

Just shop at @Robin_Nilsson, he has more then enough with both kits and aftermarkets. :joy:


That’s my pension plan, selling off kits …


It will take between now and your retirement just to list your kits Robin. What is your oldest kit?

You need your full pension selling them? :open_mouth:

Instead of investing in stocks or savings I have hidden my money from the tax-man and
IF I need cash sometime I can sell them (when they are OOP and hard to find) :smiling_imp:

Easy question, my oldest 1/35 kit is Tamiyas M21 half track mortar carrier,
almost built but then it got stalled when I started replacing the horrible tracks.
Purchased 1984. Another oldie is Hellers GMC Deuce which I built when doing my military service.
My oldest model still in existence is Revells USS Constitution (1/146 scale I think), close to 46 years old by now. I didn’t have the correct tan paint for the wooden deck so it was left unpainted. Kit in glass box at the far wall of my room but the sun still managed to bleach the deck to a sickly greenish colour. The window had venetian blinds but enough sun leaked through anyway.
The shadows of the railings and bulwarks can be seen as tan areas on the puke green.
There is also a large scale Cord 812 (birthday present from my dad 40 years ago) which I put aside until I have mastered chrome painting.