I'm lovin it

Hi @Jim_StarkweatherTest

Congratulations on the revamped forums. It took me a day or two to get used to it, but once I did it almost like using my phone. Its very intuitive and look forward to be more active here.

I have a small query regarding the subscription on the old forum. Will it be transferred here automatically or do I have to use patreon going forward. I’ve been a member since my first days in the hobby and would love to support the forum going forward.

Stay Safe

Cheers :beers:

Hi Raj,
Thanks! Although I see one of my test accounts needs to be deleted. :smiley:

The PayPal subscriptions will be phased out sometime soon. So it’s your option of course but yes we will be very grateful if those current subscribers would switch over to the new Patreon support options.

While the new site allows easy uploads without limitations, all that is going to come at increased cost as time goes on, so member support is going to become even more important for us.

Best wishes,

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