Imgur posting pics from the app

I posted this on the old site and will update the post if it works different here.

After much frustration I had to write this down so at least I would remember the steps. Hope it helps others using the iPhone when posting from the imgur app.

You must click and hold on the image first, then click Copy Link or Copy Post Link. I am sure there is difference but I don’t know, it appears the same to me when pasteing.

If you click share and Copy Link you don’t get the full address needed.

I added the space after https:// to show the link differences. It appears on this site either Copy Link works without tags which is great.


It’s a lot easier on a real computer :wink:

I won’t disagree but I try to stay off the PC unless I am working. My interactions on modeling forums is only on my phone these days.

Really needed to stay off both and build more but one problem at a time. :crazy_face:

I only really use my phone for images and I’m finding it so easy. Either take direct as a pic while in the forum topic or just copy straight from my gallery once taken. And I’ve managed to post 7 images in one go. It’s great.


I agree this new forum seems to make it easy and really this thread is not needed here after thinking about it but I am sure like myself their are others that also post on other forums :scream: and this might be helpful.

I may end up doing tutorials with screen shots for common actions like posting images, sending messages and similar things. It depends on how many questions we get. Most users seem to figure out most of the features themselves

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