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Paracel Miniatures released two 1/72 figure sets depicting Japanese Imperial Navy members. Each set includes 10 figures. MINI7211 Japanese Imperial Navy Set 1 - 10 figures MINI7212 Japanese Imperial Navy Set 2 - 10 figures

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Just the thing for the big Yamato 1/72 Turret. Nice to see them actually displayed on one of the Takom pieces too.

Paracel figures are fantastic, and these look good, but why does everyone want to release IJN figures for the Takom turret that are standing at attention? Tori Factory released a similar set of figures a few months ago. At least Beaver has just released a set of 50 3D printed figures in a variety of poses washing and scrubbing the deck, which I find more useful.

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I really liked the figure though I thought that the tan-coloured bases for the figures on the left were obtrusive and wonder why they weren’t transparent like those on the right side. Personally I’d reduce the base size to the minimum and glue them down. Wonder if they have a similar set for the Bismark’s turret?