In need of 1 piece tracks ffrom Tamiya T62

Im in need of the one piece tracks from Tamiya’s T62 for my Trumpeter T62 i want to speed up the build
due it be a commission buld does anyone happen to have them that they are willing to part with them

I can dig those out. Want to trade for the Trumpeter kit tracks?

send me pm

PM sent

Be aware that they may not fit. You may be better off with the Tamiya T55 1 piece tracks but again there’s no guarantee they’ll fit the Trumpeter sprockets

Sounds like issue resolved , but … There is a gent on Ebay, beaddreamllc , who sells "spare " sprues, tracks, decals, instructions. Great source for MIA parts or kit bashes. (needed a Bradley TOW launcher for a “what If”. Rather than buy a whole kit then have one missing the TOW i was able to get the Tamiya Bradley sprue with the TOW for $7(?) ) Also, as far as gummiband tracks, AFV club makes a bunch. Maybe others can use the intel.

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