In need of 1 piece tracks

I want to replace the indi links on my Trumpeter Czech T-72M4CZ with the one piece tracks from Tamiya’s T-72M1 if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated

Would you be willing to do a straight trade of the kit tracks with the Tamiya tracks ?

yes i just bought the kit last night on ebay when i receive the kit we can do a trade

Ok, let me know.

I got my T72M4CZ the other day to make sure they fit i posted a messeage about will they fit
I want to make sure they fit before we trade I dont want us to trade then end up the indi liks dont fit your Tamiya T72M1 and the one piece dont fit my T72M4CZ

PMd you regarding the tracks.

@Seanmcandrews @tanknick22
Gentlemen, I have compared the sprocket wheels from the two kits, Tamiya and Trumpeter.
The important measures are identical, the sprocket teeth line up perfectly between the two kits.
The width of the wheels differs slightly, the Trumpeter wheel is slightly narrower, within one tenth of a millimetre so in the worst case a very thin shim might be needed to widen the Trumpeter wheel.
The Tamiya track fits the Trumpeter wheel, some parts of the rubber band in my kit has a small amount of mold flash which makes the fit tight, not too tight though. See above about that shim …
The width of the Tamiya sprocket could be reduced by 0.1 mm but this is a matter of taste/preferences. The slight sideways looseness isn’t obvious so it can be ignored.



Seems to be a snug fit → don’t shim the Trumpeter sprocket, reducing the width of the Tamiya sprocket is recommended but not mandatory (mud/dirt/paint works miracles)

Thanks Robin, I had suggested swapping the sprockets along with the tracks but sounds like that won’t be necessary.

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