In Need of 1980's Soviet Expertise

Right?! I’d love to see more from various NATO and Warsaw Pact armies. Hell, Iranians & Iraqis too.

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@Apache26 here’s the link to my finished dio. I hope this can be of use to you,

I went to Berlin in late '84. Have you considered modeling the Berlin Brigade? We had already penetrated deep into the enemy’s rear :thinking: even before hostilities began.



I remember the less than complimentary definition of the Berlin Brigade (the Brit one I hasten to add):

“GSFG’s speed bump”.

I think we’re seeing how that may not have gone quite the way they planned. Every square meter of Berlin (including all of the surrounding rural areas) was pre-registered.


I remember - vaguely admittedly - that the most likely plan was for the East Germans to invest it while GSFG got on with defeating NATO; I further recall that other East German formations were destined for Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. In fact, I spent a whole posting at Brigade level preparing for just such. We had a very adept Commander (honed in Malaya and Aden), a less than forgiving COS, and always seemed to be on exercise, but you know, it was one of those work-hard, play-hard units. God knows how the married soldiers found it.

A bit off topic perhaps but still about fighting the Sovs.

Yes we used that term as well Brian. We were all speed bumps supposedly until more units could arrive from outside Germany. However long that would have taken lol.

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I had a couple friends who were in the Berlin Brigade at different times. I believed their assumption, which they couldn’t really afford to assume, is that Berlin would be bypassed and West Berlin could be dealt with later after they had no resupply.

No, I haven’t. I don’t really want to spend the time on an urban diorama. I’d rather go with a farmhouse in Northern or Central Germany.

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Oh Scalemates…how you tease me with figures that are long out of production. But yes, this is a terrific resource! And I hadn’t considered ICM. Thank you Iguana.

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I can dig that. Berlin was 2/3 greenery - lots of rural area. We trained in the Gruenewald as well as in urban areas such as Doughboy City. The infantry nugs would have done a lot of the urban fighting whereas the armor would have been best served outside of the city, in spite of the famous urban camouflaged Chieftains. We SF types would probably have trained and led guerilla forces. I’ll have to dig out my old print photos and digitize them.
I only suggested it because I know exactly which equipment we had, and to a large extent what they had for equipment.

By the way, I’m considering going to Hunter - Liggett with you guys. Not too many guys from '82 still serving. :slight_smile:

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Your info will help. What equipment did you expect the other side to have in '84? I’d love to see the photos.

How are you getting the orders for AT?

PM sent. Going on a train ride tomorrow. I’ll dig through photos tomorrow evening.

Hunter Liggett… oh now there is a place. Watch out for the elk by the river in the middle of the night…:wink:


@Apache26 military miniatures warehouse surprisingly has some Cold War era or 1990s Russians that you can use.

'Forgot to mention - this little book is a little gem for the period, and will answer many uniform and equipment queries; you may have to hunt around for it, but highly recommended:


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@Apache26 this link form scalemates seems to have all the figures that you may want. May have to find them on eBay but here’s somewhat of a complete list.

I was out for the long weekend. Thanks again for the assistance gents!

Stik, did you guys use the PRC-68 squad radios in the 5th?

No. I never saw those until sometime in the mid-90’s when I was in the Guard. In 5th ID we pretty much only had the PRC-77 for man packs.