In need of ammo for an Ontos,,attn. petition to god

Have tried casting my own but with poor detail results,so am reaching out to the the real casting guy(s)

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Verlinden set still available on eBay.|tkp%3ABk9SR9az8rnqYA

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Thank you

So you bought the Verlinden set?

I believe the old academy M113 had some extra ammo for recoilless rifle on the sprue. Not as much as the Verlinden set, but not sure how much you need.

Yep,got ahead of myself

I used the ammo canisters of the Academy M113A1 ACAV as filler for my M274 Mechanical Mule, along with an M16A1 and a couple ammo cans. This is a good idea.


James,please send me an e-mail so I can contact you off site,I can’t remember it,I’ll write it down this time…thanks. Pete

@John_Chambers I’ve sent you some messages. I’m not sure if you’ve seen them.