In need of Tamiya Leopard 2A5 parts

I working on a Leopard 2A4 and plan to make it Ukrainian im using Hobby boss’s Leopard 2 A4
some details in the Hobby boss kit need replaced such as the headlights ,towing hooks an the 120mm gun,so that being said im in need of those the headlights, front and rear towing hooks,and all 3 pieces that make up the main gun
Any help will be appreciated

Give this guy a try, anything leopard.

I know of them and thought about it but was thinking by the time i get the after market barrel ,headlights and towing hooks and pay for shipping from the UK i could f buy a tamiya Leopard 2A5

Minor detail: They are in Canada
but shipping et.c could be still be f prohibitive

I have the corresponding Italeri parts I am willing to part with - Sure, they’re certainly less refined than the Tamiya parts. You’ve never taken up on my offer to 3D print anything but those parts can also be CADded and 3D printed for less than what you would spend on existing AM parts.

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Ill take the Italeri parts

I’ll PM you.

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