IN PROCESS! ICM 1/16 British Policeman | Armorama™

Hello to everybody, we are happily present you an addition to our World`s Guards series.😉

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The boots need work as they look very odd to me; more like trainers when I know for a fact good leather beds are the norm.

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Hi! Thank you for your comment. It is a prototype (test) build. The final version will be more detailed.

I’d put a 1970’s/80’s date on this, now they wear stab vests, a different uniform and generally look sloppy and not as smart

Does this mean we can can put him next to “Maggie” Thatcher rather than Boris Johnson? :grin:

General street wear would be a T-shirt, stab vest and all the other odds and ends on the belt. the outfit covered in this release is still current but not worn as often by street cops.

I always wondered why the officers called “Bobby”?

‘Bobby’ probably comes from the name of Sir Robert Peel who created the police in the UK. They were also sometimes referred to as ‘Peelers’, particularly here in Ulster.

They kinda roughly resemble Canadian double soled parade boots.

I’m just curious if he would have a billy on him or not. I enjoy the series so a earlier British Police officer I would welcome to the series.