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AH-1G Cobra (early production), US Attack Helicopter

Model Kit #32060 Scale 1/32

New item of May! It`s the first experience for us to produce a helicopter. But for sure it`s not the last ;) Look at some renders.

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Looking very nice. Just a pity they went for 1/32 as opposed to 1/35th like most other copters are scaled at. Still that said I’ll have to have one and hope they go on to do other Nam period copters like the Huey and a new Loach & beat Kitty hawk to the punch.

Impressive-appearing long-awaited model. Very disappointed it is not 1/35. But, then again, there is a large community who couldn’t give a flip about 1/35 subjects and would not be happy if it were 1/35. Scaled to 1/35 - danged if ICM do, danged if ICM don’t.

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Just musing here. Remember that ICM produces numerous WWI infantry and equipment kits. Those are 1/35 “military” scale and yet the scale for large WWI aircraft is 1/32. How many Wingnut Wings models were available before the first ICM WWI infantry kits? It would have made sense to scale their WWI military line to 1/32, but I imagine the military modelers would have howled in protest.

I wonder if the choice of scales was decided by market research or an entrenched “1/35 for military and 1/32 for aircraft” mentality? If it were my decision the WWI ground pounders would be 1/32 and the new helos would be 1/35. But I’d probably be bankrupt in a month. I also wonder how much discussion goes on between model companies? (Some, I’ve been told.) How do you think this would go:

ICM: ‘Dear Tamiya, we are releasing 1/32 helicopters that are newer than any of your Vietnam and modern era models, and the same scale of your large scale airplanes. Please retool your military line to 1/32.’

Tamiya: (Not withstanding ICM makes their military line 1/35 - fill in the response here.) :wink: