IN PROCESS! Sd.Kfz.251/8 Ausf.A 'Krankenpanzerwagen' WWII German Ambulance | Armorama™

Model: 35113 Scale: 1/35

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Looks good. Only question I have is were any Ausf A vehicles actually built as Krankenpanzerwagen? I thought they came in with the Ausf C?
Series production started with Ausf. C
many older Ausf. A and B were rebuilt to 251/8 versions

The complete (??) map of types, ausführungen and dates

mittlere Krankenpanzerwagen (Sd.Kfz.251/8) : Germany (DEU) (

The front of the Ausf. A reminds me of a coffin

the one on the left …
Possibly not the best visual association for an ambulance,
“abandon hope all ye who enter here”

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Well, you were the one who quoted Dante…

And ya, the Ausf. A is very coffinish

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I misread the title as 1/8 scale!
I had an idea of putting a glass top on it and use it as a small coffee table :rofl:

Yes, I believe I’d read that also, but was this at troop level, i.e. field modifications or damaged vehicles returned to the Reich for rebuild? I wonder how many Ausf As were still in service by say, 1943. I’d say not many. Early production of the Ausf A and B was very small scale not like the later Ausf C and D (the most produced version). Since it’s ICM, it may be cheap enough to buy to do a kit bash with an Ausf D from another manufacturer. This was the route I took when DML brought out their C Flammpanzer, the interior and certain other details were attached to a Tamiya D (the best available at the time). Of course DML then brought out the D version immediately I’d finished!

ICM has only released the A version so that is the design they are basing each subvariant of the 251 on.

I already have an extra Tamiya ‘C’ I might try to convert.