IN PROCESS! Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine | Armorama™

ICM is working on a new 1/16 figure that is very relevant at this time.

Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Anything 1/16 and modern is welcome since many 1/16 modern figure vendors have folded and closed due to the COVID epidemic.

There are so few 1/16 modern plastic soldier figures representing an armed force, let alone mass produced and easily and readily available.

The AK-74 with grenade launcher is welcome in 1/16 scale. If the gear is separate, it can be used as spare parts for other figures.

Best of all, the figure includes gear with the weapons and the size of the pouches seem large enough to hold the magazines and ammo. Many vendors make the mistake of making pouches too small and narrow for the rifle magazines to fit in them.