Incorrect thinner

Hi Guys. I think i may have used the wrong thinner. Ive used MR Colour C530 paint for the first time, i normally use Tamiya. When i thinned it for spraying i used Tamiya acrylic thinner because as i thought, possible wrong, it was an acrylic based paint. It seemed to spray okay, but i noticed that when i brushed it on it seemed to pull and not flow as normal. What thinner should i have used?

Mr. Color Leveling Thinner will give you the best results.


For me, Isopropyl alcohol works great with Tamiya, but it will leave an ultra-flat finish.


i have two jugs of X20A and an additional bottle of 91% in case I run out, but I prefer to run brand-specific thinners for all the paints i use.

Thanks, so is the Tamiya thinner incompatible with the MrColor paint?

Yes; Tamiya thinner is not compatible. Tamiya acrylics are alcohol based, while the Gunze/Mr. Paint colors are lacquer-solvent based.