Indonesian Leopard 2A4

Im looking to add a Leopard 2A4 in Indonesian markings and want to do the later 3 color camo thats on their Leopard 2 A4 and Leopard 2RI the brown and tan i kinda figured out what colors to use the brown appears to be something close to the choc brown used by Germany in WW2 and the tan seems to be something close to RAF dark tan the green Im not sure of any insight would be greatly appreciated

it appears to be a grey green, I recommend starting with a base close to FS34159 and a mix ratio I have (can’t vouch for accuracy as I haven’t mixed it myself) is 3 parts Tamiya XF73 Dark Green and 2 parts XF 2 White and adjust from there.

another colour to look at, Humbrol 105