Information & support for Ukraine refugees

Dear modellers friends from Ukraine - if your Family need evacuation to Poland, shelter - we Live 2,5h from Ukraine/Polish borders. We can transport to our „Swietokrzyskie voivodeship”. We have people with accommodation, food, clothes. ALL FOR FREE. Make private message for phone, or any contact. Be safe !

If any of you could help - we need only funds for fuel & most needed items for youngest children.
Full photo relation soon. Same post was added to Miniart & Armory facebook profiles.
If you want to support us: our paypal is:

My facebook profile:

Best regards from Poland !
Przemyslaw Mrozek - “Blitzcreations”

Done. Anyone else?

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I sent my contribution via UNICEF instead.


My friend Andriy is safe in Warsaw.
Hopefully Anton is well. Just got this from him.


Ditto … I felt the need to do something on this

I did this:

Yes. … хай живе Україна! :ukraine:

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