Instructions - Desert Eagle Merkava Update

I purchased Desert Eagle update set & fuel barrel mounting for Merkava Mk.4, 4M several years ago. However, since that time I have lost the instruction sheet on how to assemble the photo-etch. I was wondering if anyone may have this set of instructions and would send me a photo copy through an email?

Have you tried JP1999’s site? They have alot of instructions there.

Also Scalemates. Not always, but worth a try.
They’re good about posting Eduard instructions.

Looks like it came with a CD?

Hope this helps. Be warned, this is a right pain to assemble - I tried but abandoned it after many hours of frustrating effort. Other details in the kit are useful though.


Yes! This will definitely help and thank you!

Now that you’ve got your instructions, you have to decide how you want to assemble that. Trust me when I say, I’ve done a lot of PE, and you don’t want to try to do that with CA. Your best bet is soldering it. Using lots of alligator clips as heat sinks so you don’t undo previous joints. Another good way to do that and make very nice invisible solder joints to get one of these:

Once you start resistance soldering, you’ll never want to do anything else. This is my second one.

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