Instructions needed

Does anyone have a copy of the instructions for the Roden Holt 75
artillery tractor?
Semper Fi

PM sent Gary

See Scalemates:

1134831-58-instructions.pdf (


I sent that in a PM to him Brian, as I wasnt sure if we could do that in the forums ? it is a very good site for things like that, if it had only been around and so accessible many moons ago when I had lost stuff …

Sorry John, didn’t mean to steal your thunder or anything; just shooting from the hip a bit too quickly.

Scalemates is a useful site although it doesn’t always have every last instruction sheet available, but it’s a fantastic reference when planning a project.

I didnt put the link here as I wasnt sure if that was allowed or not ? but I suppose thinking about it, if they are doing it on their site, and thats in the public domain, its fair game to post a direct link here isnt it… I just didnt want to break any rules etc.

I have done it multiple times and I’m still alive …
:wink: :rofl:


I can often find the instructions by googling
brand name product number or name super hobby

This is the first hit in the result list (google may have learned my preferences so your “mileage” amy vary):

I use this in those cases where scalemates comes up dry.
There isn’t one single source for ALL instruction sheets so sometimes it takes some “shopping around”

Getting a complete pdf via scalemates helps a lot …

Thats the clearance I wanted lol … :grin:

Hobbysearch and super hobby are my go to’s after scalemates.

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Posting links to instructions is fine as:
a) Usually, only someone that actually already has the kit will use them
b) If someone wants to know what the build entails, it promotes what is in the kit and may lead to a sale
c) if it was an issue, they would have stopped sites like Scalemates doing it years ago…

I think ‘c’ is the clincher… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good points Peter lol…:+1:

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@BootsDMS Brian yah beat me to the punch. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Yeah - unlike me to be (relatively) so quick off the mark!