Instructions Site?

I know of to find instructions, however they do not have the ones I am looking for. I am looking for the other sit that has instructions. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, Joel (dummy who lost his instructions):<(

You could try ‘super hobby’
They usually have sprue images and photos of the instructions. It’s a bit rough but better than nothing if you can’t locate a pdf-file.
I ask google like this: [manufacturer] [prod-nr] super hobby
Example: Trumpeter 05672 super hobby

Another option is scalemates . manuf prod-nr scalemates


What kit do you seek?

JPTRR, What I have is Takom 2122 Bergepanzer 2. 1999jp had a photo of the parts but no instructions. At this point I would pay for photocopies of the instructions.

Instructions can be found here:


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Thank you for the info Grauwolf! I would have answered sooner, but I have been on the road. Thanks again!

Not a problem and hope it helps with the build…do post some pics of your
build once you get it going.