Inter war colors

I am trying to find reference as to both air and ground colors for the above mentioned period .
Does anybody have a reference resource?

For which Army, Sir?

French to start with . Also British and American please.

Oh… can’t help you with those, sorry.

Rumor has it the french spent the interwar period developing a shade of white that was most easily identifiable on a flag from a distance of 300 meters or less in a field.


A tad unnecessary perhaps? This is pretty much an international site y’know.

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Boots what part is unnecessary ?

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Hah! Love it; I’ll wind my neck in and let the big boys sort it out (unless I’ve completely misconstrued something) - either way, I’ll butt out.

Just a bit of tongue in cheek humour, didn’t mean to offend

Man, I know where you’re coming from; I certainly didn’t mean to come across as censorious(!)

@BootsDMS . I know it is difficult to tell inflection in the written word. No offense taken or intended.
Simply looking for assistance in color reference.
After 3 years of developing a new paint formula it is finally correct and I wanted to add inter war before launching the new line.

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Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag , here are a couple pics of some paints .
Everything I have posted here the past few months has been done with these .
The MI-4 , F100d and a few others.

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Seems like a huge undertaking. Best of luck and success!

Dana Bell has published work on US between the wars colors for aircraft. Air Force Colors Volume 1 covers that subject. Steven Zaloga is probably an equivalent source for US Army Ground Forces colors, and the tale of Olive Drab.