Interesting Russian Soldier Laser Warning Device on Helmet

Interesting “cat and mouse” game device of a captured Russian mercenary’s Laser Warning Device that attaches to the helmet.

Since the US and NATO use AN/PEQ rifle and carbine designators so often, this LW device is mighty interesting. It detects, locates, analyzes, and pinpoints the direction of where the laser designator or laser rangefinder is coming from.

Western nations should copy, actually since lots of AN/PEQs have been captured in Afghanistan.



Once again, the old adage, “for every measure there is a counter measure.”


I would deploy cheap laser designators by the frontline
to trigger these devices all the time, flood them with random laser hits.
Maybe convert a cheap rotary laser level …
Drive the detector owners nuts …

Edit nr 1: Maybe let drones carry the laser transmitters and trigger the whole landscape??

Edit nr 2:
Some historical trivia.
Nazi-Germany fitted their U-boats with radar warning recivers that reacted to the wavelenghts used by the patrol planes used by coastal command.
Warning device goes beep-beep, U-boat dives and escapes the impending attack.
The problem was that the device started beeping long before the signal was strong
enough for the radar receiver in the plane to pick up the radar echo.
The U-boats started panic diving before they were detected.
Everyone happy?
The U-boats needed as much time as possible snorkeling to recharge the batteries
when going to/from the French Atlantic coast so this excessive diving was a direct obstacle
to their operations.
The warning device actually enlarged the “suppressing radius” of a single plane …


Developments like this and the general proliferation of night vision devices are the main reason night vision tactics now emphasize passive aiming.

Soldiers can’t safely assume they’re the only ones with night capability anymore.


Never underestimate the enemy, as me Pops would say!