IPMS Telford

Is anybody planning to go to Telford this year?

Scale ModelWorld – IPMS (UK) (ipmsuk.org)

Well at time of writing our very own IPMS Kitmaker British Bulldogs will be there with our club stand as we have been for the last 15(?) years except last year when it was cancelled.

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We are plannign to come with a group of friends from Belgium (as was tradition before COVID) but we see a few hurdles:

  • COVID may strike again
  • what about buying stuff?

Especially the β€œbuying” is a problem. We fear paying a ton of import fees entering the EU from non-EU Brexan. And being able to buy a ton of kits and suplies at good prices was always a good motivator to compensate travelling costs;

And companies like Alclad II seem unable to export to Europe these days, while retailers simply refuse because of all the new paperwork :frowning: :frowning: