Is it possible to convert Revell Bell H-13H to a British Army Sioux?

I have a model of the above helicopter and was thinking of a British Army small dio dated around 1971; I am sadly no great aircraft modeller but would hope that someone, somewhere has tackled this before - it, if it is possible.

To my hugely untrained (aviation) eye it looks like the main modifications would be to the engine.

If anyone can give me any pointers I’d be very grateful.

Er, sorry all about the lower-case of the title. I have no idea how to amend that.

Done !

Just hope I didn’t step on someone’s toes…


Thank you very much - it all appeals to my tidy mind. Thanks again!

Same airframe, so shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, even if you’re changing the engine. Sort of like doing an H model Huey - different engine but few other mods like the pitot tube to look out for.

Thanks; I’m sure someone must have tried it before and I could really benefit from their experience, but that all depends on whether or not they post on Armorama.

Here’s hoping.