Is Tamiyas 1/35 Panther G idler wheel correct for a late Panther?

I see the same wheel is included in their Jagdpanther kit.

Is it the small idler? Daimler-Benz installed those to the very end.

@oyoy23 Sean,

I think this explains what’s going on with the idler: Missing Lynx: panther-idler-wheel-question


Nice! Fortunately, I have an old Dragon Panther F kit.

Having just about completed the Tamiya Late Panther G I now read this post and realise that it’s got the wrong idlers on. I’m doubly confused, as the link seems to mention five spoke idlers, whereas all my Panther G kits, both DML and Tamiya have six! Perhaps I should scrap it and start again…?

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Panzer Art 1/35 Panther / Jagdpanther (Late) Idler Wheels (2 pieces) RE35-098 They are like 10 bucks for 2 on EBay and they are sweet.

The RFM Panther track set for A& G also has idlers.

Very very nice

Hohenstaufen, I don’t think the Tamiya Idler is really that big of a deal. Here’s why I think that.

Tamiya Panther G w/Tamiya’s idler.

The reworked Italeri Panther D/A hull with the RFM idler.

I don’t feel like there’s a big difference in visual impact between the two idlers.

Sure, the RFM is nicer and better. I used RFM idlers on the Italeri Panther because like most of the kit the Italeri idlers are 4th rate garage. I let the Tamiya idler slide and had, still have no plans to replace it as it’s a well molded part.

That’s coming from someone who found nearly 87% (based on parts count) of the Italeri kit totally unsatisfactory and replaced it with aftermarket and scratch.


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Thanks, I will go with what I’ve got then. It’s true, you can barely see it when the tracks are on. I take my hat off to you using the Italaeri Panther as the basis for your kit. It’s comparatively ancient. I assume it’s a lot more accurate than the Neolithic Tamiya A!