Israeli M1000W Trailers

Several references mention that the IDF has several M1000W trailers with wider decks (W) in service.
I haven’t found any pictures of these in service
Were they actually ever used?
All current trailers are either the 2 axle (16 wheel) or the 3 axle (24 wheel) in the usual yellow paint.

Since the IDF doesn’t use the HET M1070, what tractor was used?

I did find a listing for a M1000 for sale in Israel - (New). Pictures showed one in the typical IDF “Sand Grey” paint. Did Israel buy the M1000 but decided it was more than they needed?


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It doesn’t, although a single unit was evaluated back in the days:

I don’t know about the M1000W trailers, but the two major types of trucks used for heavy-duty transport are the Volvo FH16 and the International Navistar 5900i:

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