Israeli M51 tracks help required

My first post here after a long absence (I was a member of the “old” Armorama for many years, but under a different handle).

I’m building the Tamiya M51 and my question is, were the tracks of the original all-metal, or metal with rubber treads? I’m using the kit-supplied “rubber band tracks” and am building strictly OOP for a quick(ish) finish to (hopefully) get my armour-modelling mojo back.

For the same reason, I’m not too concerned with super-detailing on this one. But it’d be good to get the basics right.

Thanks for any tips.


Hi Steve, IIRC the kit has the steel-chevron T80 tracks, which are metal on the outside with rubber pads on the inside where the wheels go. See this for pics: Sherman tracks types


Tom recalls correctly.
Apart from the WW2 era T66 tracks that were replaced by the T80 type very soon after the war, the HVSS Sherman tracks were rubber backed.

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Thank you both very much. Appreciate your input.