It was agony

Having cleared out the modelling room and work bench in preparation for moving…

Stage one was packing up the stash and shelf queens; stage two was the spray booth and paint bench:

Stage three:

The final goodbye

Surprisingly when vacuuming, I didn’t find any treasure, but a couple of parts I had been looking for a while back. Go figure.

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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

The thought of moving starts heart palputations. Surgery or moving humm… :thinking:

I need to carefully be up these two, for a long drive north…


Moving sucks. Those builds look great. What about the figure?

Ryan is right, moving does suck. That’s too bad, it looks like you had a great model room there. After the dozen or so times we moved in the Army, I told my wife the only way I’m leaving this house is with a toe tag…

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I have maybe one or two moves left in me then I will go the toe tag route, of course that is my plan written in pencil cause life happens.

Good luck with the move, on the positive side we hardly ever do a deep clean & tidy up the modelling area…

@tank, you mean this guy?

My first effort at multicam and I want to keep him. Solid resin 1/16 from Ant Miniatures, will be carefully packed for the move.


Yep. Looks good. :+1: