Italari 1/12 Alfa Romeo Monza 8c

I will correct that in the future mate.
Thanks for the kind comments.

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Hi all I’m really enjoying this kit, fit is great, no flash at all( I’ve seen some bad reviews of this kit, all I can say is they haven’t built it or are not modelers)


More done to the Alfa, the underneath is finished so on to the top ( those nuts are 1.4mm the hole I drilled in them is 0.3mm) the drilling was easy threading that wire through the hole was another story.

I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t started it, on the other hand it does make quite a difference to the overall look.

The exhaust is not fixed I just wanted to see how it looked.

The radiator to bulkhead brace I made out of copper wire the thing supplied in the kit is so flimsy (the only bad bit in the whole kit.


Excellent progress for sure. All those added details really do make quite a difference.

As for those not so flattering reviews, my guess is that it’s guys judging the kit as an OOB build, and it really needs more detailing to bring it up to standards of what we’ve come to expect based on the standard Tamiya offerings.


Hi all first disappointing bit of the kit so far, spent 2 hrs trying to get the bonnet to fit, still not happy with it not sure what to do next to improve fit.

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Hi all well its as good as I’m going to get it.


Very nice Ken - hood (bonnet) looks much better.

The Bonnet looks pretty good to me too.


Hi all more progress

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She’s really coming together now.


Started some weathering (don’t want it to look showroom condition) I also don’t want it to look like an old jalopy. Looking at the pics looks like the rear hinge has broken free (again)

Looking good Ken. Looks like you nailed the hood fit issue.

Less is more when it comes to weathering of a well maintained classic car. Looks good so far.


Hi all hopefully this will be finished tomorrow.

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Looking forward to your final pictures as the Monza 8c looks outstanding to say the least.


Hi all well its done.

I’ll post better pics in daylight.

Now this is finished( and after I’ve done the cobra)

I’ve promised myself I’m going to finish some of my stalled builds.

Probably not of interest to you car guys but this is one.

And some of these.


Nice Ken - glad you got it done .

Looks great with just the right amount of weathering.

Looking forward to your finishing your rather large looking list of models. I’d be interested in seeing how the ship turns out.


That’s a great finish Ken! I really like “this car is used look”.
I have always been a bit leery of the large scale Italeri kits but you have shown what’s possible.


Congrats Ken, on a job well done. Good to see some subtle weathering.