Italari 1/12 Renault RE20 Turbo

Hi all since I’ve shelved the RR Balloon car I’ve bought this.
I know it’s the old Tamiya kit but don’t know much else (other than watching with awe on another site silver 911’s build of the engine of this) its supposed to be here on Monday, I can’t wait.

Lets hope its more enjoyable than the last build .

So heres the next lamb to the slaughter.

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Work begins on the Renault RE20 Turbo, I think I’m going to enjoy this, my first F1 car, looks quite complex and well detailed.


The level of detail is amazing

Hi Chris

Having a horrible time connecting to the forums. I did see the question regarding the Churchill book. I think it’s very good but it’s also quite specific to certain mods of it. I am sorry if this ends up in the automotive section.

Al Patterson
Umiujaq, Qc J0M 1Y0

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Its all good in the styrene hood . No problems brother. Im sure I will be able to learn something from the book

First disappointment with the Renault RE20 Turbo kit all these screws, springs and nuts are all in the same bag, when I bought the Mefistofeles it came with this case (ignore the ships rigging parts it what ive been using it for since) it just goes to show how manufacturers cut corners.

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I didn’t realize Italeri did F1 but it fits. Nice they molded the yellow parts in yellow; I’m having a devil of a time painting a gray engine block (with white primer) that color.

Yellow is notoriously hard to cover you could try halfords filler primer which is yellow in colour.

The level of detail in this kit is awesome I love the way they’ve done the working suspension (not even left the first page of the instructions)
I decided to jump ahead a fair way on the instructions and mak a start on the engine.
Talk about detail it even had the gearbox casting number There are 28 parts to just those cylinder heads, the pulleys all work I’ve barely started the engine if this is what F1 kits are like I think I will be building lots more.

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More work done on the RE20, so many control cables to add

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Excellent choice of a 1/12 scale F1 build, as I can’t remember the last time I actually saw this kit built. It’s certainly not an easy build by any means, but your skill set should produce a winner for sure.

Spot Models listed this kit as a reissue of the Protar kit. I’m thinking that Protar got the molds from Tamiya, and then Italeri got all the Protar molds. From what I understand, this was Tamiya’s last 1/12 scale F1 car, so it’s loaded with all the high degree engineering and accuracy to detail. What makes little sense is that Tamiya hasn’t ever sold off any of their 1/12 scale F1 molds to date, as they still re-release them every so often with new decals, PE, and a few new parts.

Excellent start to the kit. I’m looking forward to seeing how your progress with the engine/transaxle/rear suspension.


Been following this a bit gents - Is it possible that Protar made their own kit and Italeri got the molds along with all the other Protar goods ? Are we certain that this is the kit originally developed by Tamiya ? I know they offered this car in their line up - anyway , it looks like it is in good hands .

Hi guys its not the tamiya kit so must be protar. Was following silver 911 (member of another forum) amazing build of the tamiya kit till his cat destroyed it (he was very phlisophcal about it, I would not have been) anyway going back over his awesome build this can’t be the tamiya kit as the engine and gearbox are molded separate on this kit they are molded as one.

Richard & Ken,
Seems that the 3 of us are in agreement that this is indeed the original Protar kit. Tamiya doesn’t sell their molds, and since they’re not getting out of the plastic model business, why would they?


No matter the mold origins. The build is in the hands of a master . keep it coming

Thanks Chris but I’m hardly a master.

Work on the RE20 continues, ive barely started the engine, I’m pleased with the way the weathering on the fuel lines look.

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The fuel injection system as a whole is looking real good. those fuel lines should lay down just fine once the intake Plenium intake manifold. Excellent weathering on the engine and transaxle.

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