Italeri 1/16 Mercedes SL 300

Hi all next victim is the italari 1/16 Mercedes 300 SL, first thing I don’t like is the distributor and plug leads are molded as part of the rocker cover (I don’t even know why they would do that at this scale)

Hi all well for a kit of this age I can’t believe how well the body goes together (considering all the complex curves) look how little filler ive used.


The Merc SL 300 in 1/16 scale should be one fantastic build with your detailing skills.

As you said, the fit looks darn good for a kit of that age. As for the distributor cap being molded to the valve cover along with ignition wires, for the less skilled it does solve a detailing problem and adds a little more realism to the build. I’m betting that you cut off the cap and wires, and do the wires as wires.


Hi all here is the next update just put together what I have so far

No matter what angle you look at the front of the SL 300 she is sexy and beautiful. As a classic its got to be up there with the EType

So I ran into a small problem with the 300SL the track rod end and the top of the king pin were broken off I tried gluing them back on but they just kept braking off so I drilled out where they should have been and added some bent rod to fix it.
It doesn’t look very pretty but is not really visible on the model so I’m not too worried about it.

Just got caught up with your SL 300 build. 1st the negative, well, sort of. While I’ve always liked the SL 300 as it was the sexiest of the Mercedes line for quite some time, it still just doesn’t have that “certain look and feel” of the E type Jag. My friend’s father had one, and it was a treat just to seat in the car and marvel at it’s gloriousness. Then for a real treat, start up the big 6 with the 3 Webbers and just lessen to the throaty purr.

Now back to your excellent build. The interior is coming along really nicely. Interesting that you used the same flocking for the leather seats as the carpeted area. The dash with the classic white wheel looks great.

I’d say that your fix for the broken tie rod end worked perfectly. A little flat black paint and no one will ever know.


I agree the EType will probably always be the sexyist car ever made but this must be a close second or third to it ( let’s face it the Trans am firebird would be in there too I really couldn’t choose between those two as to which would be second or third)
More done on this

The 300 SL nears completion. Just the exhaust and the fuel tank to add to the underneath then time to add body doors and details.

Nearing completion now (tomorrow I think)

Well its done, it’s quite a nice kit (albeit a bit basic) I’ve enjoyed it, I could have added more detail but most of it would have been underneath so not seen, tbh I couldn’t be asked.
Well its done, it’s quite a nice kit (albeit a bit basic)

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I can’t believe how fast you completed this build especially since it’s 1/16 scale. Excellent attention and added details to the engine compartment. The interior really has that certain Mercedes look to it. Very well done. Still my favorite SL3oo is the Gullwing coupe.