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Italeri kit now with metal barrel, photoetch parts and decals for four decorations

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@Namabiiru is this basically the same kit you just completed but with a metal barrel and photoetch? No other changes?

Yours came out very nicely but your comments on your build, and other comments, noted the chassis fit, some lack of detail, the Jerry can holders in a solid piece, the tyres, the rear slats, the rear steering linkage and the fuel filler location. Do we know if any of that was adjusted/addressed in this new Italeri release?

I realise some of these are tweaks which a more capable mogeller than I could deal with, but I’m always surprised when it doesn’t appear that many suppliers check out forums like these and apply such feedback to new or updated releases. To me it’s just common sense (which is not at all common I know) to get customer feedback especially when it’s provided here free of charge, and apply it to future endeavours.

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Sam, Scalemates shows the following timeline for Italeri on this kit.



Yes, this is exactly the same kit (for the most part). There have been four editions of this kit:
2006 - Only included the Breda 20/65. Also included resin engine and figures. PE included. Also included reference manual.
2007 - Only included 47/32 AT gun. Included metal barrel and PE. No resin figures or engine
2015 - Included both guns, PE and metal barrel for 47/32.
2024 - Identical to 2015

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Mine was the 2006 boxing. It had VERY heavy photo etch and resin engine and figures.


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