Italeri British DUKW parts

Good afternoon
I’m looking for the parts; B114; B115; B116; B117 from the 1/35 Italeri model (No. 6466) DUKW - British Army.
Can anyone help me?

have tried contacting italeri customer service to get replacement parts?

The wheel covers are also in kit 6429, the one with the 105mm howitzer and 6932 if anyone has them from those.

The British DUKW and the DUKW with 105mm, are discontinued.

Despite the covers being shown in the box art for the re-release of 6392 the parts aren’t included :-1: They are reasonably straightforward to scratch build maybe :thinking: Just trace the openings and cut some plasticard, then add some strips, aligned from the kit side panels.??? And then fill the drain slots, fix the drivetrain, wheels …etc

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