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Special Edition for the D DAY eighty years series, DUKW 2½ GMC Truck Amphibious Version

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This is just their old DUKW kit w/new decals. Not a bad kit, but not correct for a WWII version. The slit drains on the sides are post WWII. The tires are not totally correct either. I think it has a few other issues too, but it has been a long while since I built one.

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Again, Italeri being Italeri… Recycling a mediocre old kit, marketing it as a big improvement by simply throwing in some new decals, and jacking up the price. At least I’ll not be spending my money.


I agree. Unfortunately the Trumpeter kit falls into some of the same traps. Looking the kit over at Nats, I wasn’t overly impressed. I predict most will not like a side by side comparison of the kit when it hits the mass market.

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The I :heart: Kit version apparently has the same drain slits. From what I can tell, the tires are more correct and some other areas fixed. It also has the WTCT-6 amphib trailer as a nice bonus though.

The slits drains are easy to fix with a bit of styrene and some putty. Overall, they are not bad kits, just not as refined as they could/should be.

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