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Italeri announces a 1/35 kit of the LAV-AT

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New tires. Soft “rubber” instead of the rather horrible styrene tyres in the old kit …

Close to 30 years old by now …
Maybe time to finish the old kit now …


When was the last true “new tool” Italeri armor kit? This is just sad.

In 1/35? I think it was some of the Italian WWII stuff from quite a few years ago.

It’s not that sad.
Outside of any nostalgia market, I tend not to think of these things as being marketed to “us.”
When my six-year-old wanted a “tank model” for her birthday this year. She, with my guidance, opted for a Tamiya Merkava of a similar vintage.
They do have their market as I don’t know many beginners able to tackle a 1,000 plus part Miniart kit.


The Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger (2021)

In 1/35 LMV (2015)

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This re-re-release would be worth it if the price is right and you do not already have this in your stash from 30 years ago and want the new rubber tires. :smiley: I’d only get one if this thing costs around 30 USD with shipping. :laughing:
What I also found annoying (if not disgusting) :smiley: is that Italeri currently adds premium price for reviving old kits with new box art - e.g. M60A3 and Leopard 2s, which used to cost like $25-30 a few years ago are up to $45-50. They may be in a different market, but for the market we are in, they cannot compete with the newer 21st century engineered kits in that price range.

The comparison with newer kits is the real killer.
The price increase is mostly inflation.
From 30 to 50 $ is an increase by 66%
The Big Mac index for the US in 2020 is 5.65, in 2006 it was 3.10, in 2007 it was 3.41.
The increase from 3.39 to 5.65 is 66% so it would have been late 2006

The “correct” price for any product is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.
Sprue Brothers list the Italeri M60A3 at $41.99 (MSRP $52.50)

Takoms M60A3 with dozer blade is slightly cheaper and AFV-Clubs is a lot more expensive.

My Favourite Plastic Pusher has different prices. The Italeri kit is a lot cheaper than Takoms, presumably due to Italeri being a European company (don’t know where they produce plastic though…) Italeri M60A3 at $31.20, Takoms at 50.95 and AFV at 66.47

I got this one second hand, sealed… €15,00 but off course without the ruber tires and don’t forget the extra decals :grinning: they must be goldplated…

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Seriously, Trumpeter’s version is still a better deal with more details and extras (M240 MG, PE sheet, etc.). sFH 18 15cm Field Howitzer Review by Andrew Judson (Trumoeter 1/35)