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Italeri announces a T-34/76 Mod. 1943 with several extra features

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Looks like the 2018 tooling. What is so “premium”? Besides the price?

Do you mean 2019? 2018 was the 85 at least according to scalemates. I would think the barrel and pe which isn’t typically of a Italeri boxing.

I built their “new” T-34-85 a few years ago. Absolute rubbish. Like something from the 80s. Save your money. But don’t buy the ICM kit either! Ask me how I know! :laughing:

So did anyone buy this Premium Edition Italeri T-34/76?

Would love to hear thoughts on what was in the box or better yet comments on building it.

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With all of the T-34s that I already have in my stash, no. Not unless I happen to find one for a very discounted price.


An interior and engine seem decent.


As Stikpusher said and regarding the different T-34 already on the bench, I waited for a bargain… and finally bought this Italeri 6570 kit as new for less than 30$ (25€). Not the definitive T-34/76 Model 1943 reproduction but some interesting points :

  • clean and crisp molding for the hull and wheels (not so impressive for the tracks)
  • simple but clever set-up to offer an apparent engine (upper surface only) & transmission
  • basic parts to represent the gun breech and front seats
  • aluminium barrel, “real” rope and nice decals from Cartograph
  • extensive printed notice with color profiles for the six versions (5 soviet + 1 “Beute”)

Up to now, I’ve not started the kit as (too) many other are already in the pipe. Also I can’t confirm about accuracy but, for example, the turret ring platform (part 10) is specific/different from the one provided in Italeri T-34/85 kit … something Border has missed with its recent T-34/85 (BT027)

BUT this Italeri kit will need -at least- :

  • new wheels to depict an Hard Edge turret T-34 as the steel wheels looks more like STZ type -so correct for a Barrikady not for a “normal” Hexagonal turret. Also the “spider” wheels with rubber rim in 1st and 5th position are the later version with the inner set of holes. Again not typical for this version. So correct wheels from the spare parts box or from resin companies (Panzer Art, etc) will be useful.
  • Also the inappropriate cast effect on the hull sides will need some sanding (and -maybe- on the turret)
  • and the vinyl tracks are too stiff and the injected plastic alternative could have been crisper.

But for 25€, I am quite happy with this edition… as far as the built will not turn too painful.
Hope this helps if a “nice priced” Italeri 6570 box is around :wink:


Thank you, Multibank for that excellent run down. Much appreciated!