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Italeri announces a T-34/76 Mod. 1943 with several extra features

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Looks like the 2018 tooling. What is so “premium”? Besides the price?

Do you mean 2019? 2018 was the 85 at least according to scalemates. I would think the barrel and pe which isn’t typically of a Italeri boxing.

I built their “new” T-34-85 a few years ago. Absolute rubbish. Like something from the 80s. Save your money. But don’t buy the ICM kit either! Ask me how I know! :laughing:

So did anyone buy this Premium Edition Italeri T-34/76?

Would love to hear thoughts on what was in the box or better yet comments on building it.

With all of the T-34s that I already have in my stash, no. Not unless I happen to find one for a very discounted price.

An interior and engine seem decent.