Izumo (DDH-183) F-35 trials

USMC did trial with F-35B ops on the JMSDF Izumo . Only found video (or stills from it.) Shows landing on farthest aft helo spot but take off sta art point is not shown. What spot was the start for the STOL take offs? Looks like maybe the landing spot across the deck from the elevator. Also, I’d presume the deck aft of the aircraft would be kept clear to avoid the jet blast. (would take off role begin in conventional mode before switching to STOL?)

They had trails with F-35B aboard the Izumo back in 2021.

Second heli landing marker on the deck

Not necessarily, you see the deck clear during trials because they only used one aircraft each time, I suppose you would see more aircraft aft of the superstructure.

By definition of STOL the distance is 50 ft so again I suppose the aircraft is already in STOL mode. All the videos of F-35B I have seen have only a STOL mode. Perhaps they do not have a conventional mode for being launched from catapults like the C model, judging by the different front landing gear.