J-35F Draken Box Contents | AeroScale

MikroMir has revealed the box contents for their forthcoming release of the SAAB J-35F Draken in 1:72 scale

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/j-35f-draken-box-contents

Not 1/48th :cry:

yeah, me too!!! hoping for a 1/48 new tool!

Why hoping for a new 48 tool? Don’t understand that! Isn’t the Hasegawa kit good enough? Have you build any of them?

I have built 2 of them (SWE/FIN) and 2 more in the stash …

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Hasegawa released the kit in 2008, 16 years ago. Molding technology has improved since then.
I have a Hasegawa P12 E in my stash. Is it good enough? Sure, only because there is not a newer version of that kit in 1/32nd scale. It was last released in 2005 with “new decals.”