Jagdpanther Suspension Variations

Hi team, in need of some expertise………

I have made a start on Mengs Jagdpanther G1 (beautiful kit). Step 3 shows there are two options for a suspension bump stop (for lack of better description). As shown in the image below…. either we fit parts D14/D7, or alternatively F35/A26.

From what I can tell, parts D14/D7 is an option that only came out of the Miag production facility, and that roughly only the first 100 produced at that facility had these. From another source, the first 100 units may mean that this feature stopped towards the end of September 1944.

Does this make sense?!?? just trying to work this out from lots of piecemeal bits of information.

Any assistance/ confirmation / alternative thoughts greatly appreciated!

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This might help:


Thanks Wayne, super helpful image. I have gone with the ‘usual’ option, i.e. post first 100 units. Welcome to the forum!