Japanese Navy 25mm Triple AA Guns - 1/200 scale kit review | Model Shipwrights

Veteran Models of Taiwan has released 1/200 scale Type 96 25mm AA guns to enhance larger scale Imperial Japanese Navy kits.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://modelshipwrights.com/news/japanese-navy-25mm-triple-aa-guns---1-200-scale-kit-review

Having completed construction of the four the 25mms in the set, I would recommend some changes to Veteran’s proposed assembly sequence to ease construction:

step 1 – good as is
step 2 – (presently step 5) add brass barrels to resin guns
step 3 – (presently step 2) add resin part R4
step 4 – (presently step 3) add brass gear sprocket
step 5 – (presently step 6) add etched brass recoil guard details
step 6 – (presently step 4) add brass/resin guns assembly to resin support carriage
step 7 – add brass gunsights
step 8 – add resin/etched brass elevation gear to left side
step 9 – add resin/etched brass azimuth training gear to right side
step 10 – add seats
step 11 – (presently step 13) bend brass shields to 110°
step 12 – (presently step 11) attach brass shields to resin base
step 13 – (presently step 12) attach base/shields to gun assembly

Here the guns are test fitted aboard a destroyer. Now all they need are ready-service ammunition lockers…!