Japanese WW2 type 89 VS these allies

Did American, UK or British Commonwealth forces ever encounter these tanks in combat?

They all did: the Americans during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and again when re-capturing the islands in ‘44; the British and the Indians in Burma in early’ 42.

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Thank you!

Also in Malaysia,Indonesia and Papua New Guinea,but also in many smaller pacific islands like Rabaul,Bougainville and others

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Thanks! I have the model on order. I was just trying to figure out if a couple of allies (US + either UK or ANZAC) would be appropriate.

The only post-Pearl Habour designs the IJA army built all got held back for the home islands invasion that never took place.

The French even use some of them in Indochina after the war

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Very interesting

The Commando Blindé du Cambodge had 11 Japanese tanks with a single Type 89B among them.


On a side note, where can you get a type 89 in 1:35 scale at a reasonable price?

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“Reasonable”? No.
($61 on Amazon.) But my wife insisted I buy something for my birthday. I could have done better through the links at scalemates

I’m just kinda regretting the purchase if my vision of a vignette would be contrary to history.

@barnslayer yeah my wife said no more till we move but i just watched the 800 so maybe I’ll sneak one in as a birthday gift.

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Hobby Link Japan has the Type 89 for $35.55 US. Just watch out for how much it costs to ship.

@Gary_Kato yeah shipping anymore is a killer

The vender I bought from on Amazon goes by the name “Hobby Japan”. Maybe the same people and they just built the shipping into the price?

I believe Hobby Japan and Hobby Link Japan are separate entities. Like Famous Ray’s Pizza and Ray’s Famous Pizza in Manhattan.