Javelin, NLAW, Stinger from SSR Models

I’ve heard about this company couple of weeks ago, but haven’t tried them yet. Anyone have any experience with SSR Models?

SSR Models | Facebook

Their Javelins and NLAWs look really, really good! And they don’t seem to be very expensive:

Here’s the catalogue in pdf, they have a lot of goodies there:

SSR Catalogue.pdf (dropbox.com)



i had a look through their catalogue that you posted a link for and i didn’t see any NLAW’s on the list, are you sure they make them?

As far as their FB says, NLAWs are printed and production starts tomorrow.


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it must be that new it’s not in their catalogue, do they have a website as I’m not on Facebook

No website as far as I know.

This is the email address I found: mgdsign@yahoo.com


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I bought their Javelins a couple weeks ago. They look pretty nice, very finely detailed.