JLTV in 1/35 scale announced?

More information on the Cockerill CPWS 25mm for the JLTV.


Check out the CPWS video! Those are two Javelin ATGMs on the side and this turret has 40mm smoke grenade launchers, something other RWS turrets do not have, not to mention the ability to reload under armor. And that was a problem in Afghanistan FOBs in which many HMMWV gunners were hit in the open turret and many HMMWV crews cowered inside because no one wanted to get out and reload the turret .50cal because it was exposed.


SPIKE NLOS can be placed onto other vehicles that have bed rails, meaning perhaps even a commercial pickup. The USMC should take note.

What the Loitering Munition option on a JLTV might look like.

The main issue is that it can only carry six Munitions, and at best, one or two people in the cab can control only one or two Munitions at a time. But the range sure beats a tank cannon.

Note the unmanned JLTV “HIMARS” option in the banner behind the launcher.